Saturday, May 30, 2009

Microsoft BING scares me

BING is the name of the new search engine from Microsoft. However, even do mainstream media is referring to it as the new search engine on the block and the attempt of Microsoft to battle Google, it is not a search engine. Even Microsoft itself is stating that it is not a search engine.

Microsoft BING is a descission engine. When you enter a search criteria in Google it will return you the answer based upon a pagerank from ALL the public sources on the internet. When you enter a search criteria in BING it will return you the answers from all the sources that Microsoft thinks are valid.

In the video on they state for example that on medical searches they will use the best information sources so that you never will get a opinion from lets say a 13 year old on the subject. Even do it sounds great at first you might want to think that over, "best information sources".... who decides what the best information sources are? In this case it is Microsoft and personlay I would like to have myself to be in controle. It means that Microsoft is controling what will end up in the searchresults where google is just giving math the controle of order it is diaplying it and the enduser (me) the option to decide what is valid in my opinion or not.

An other example what scares me, you can search for products, restaurants and such. On products you can even get a BING discount. I would not be supprised if Microsoft will get a fee for products sold via BING. Now the question is, what if would like to sell a product online and make it searchable via BING (like my results are visible Google) and I do not want to pay microsoft a fee. Will my product come up in a search, will it be at the bottom or will it handeld the same way as a product where Microsoft will make money?

Descision engine sounds great, however, I will stick to a search engine and be the judge myself what is valid or not. I do not want a corporation like Microsoft making the judgment on what I can read and can't read. Even do it sounds great at first it is limited and Microsoft is hoping it will be the new way to make "online money" becauase Microsoft is loosing lots and lots of money with its online services as can be seen in the chart below which I found at Where Yahoo, Google and such make lots of money Microsoft can't get it started. With BING I fear they missed it again.

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