Sunday, January 25, 2009

Capgemini Oracle Fusion Experience Lab

One of the strategic regions of Capgemini is Oracle. Capgemini is already known for its expertise with SAP and Oracle but one of the regions it is still want to gain more market share is Oracle, this is specially the case for outsouring in the Netherlands. One of the reasons I made the decision to move to Capgemini Outsourcing in the Netherlands is that we will be focusing in getting more market share in the Oracle world in this region.

One of the things Capgemini is promoting is the Oracle Fusion Experience Lab, A collegue pointed out to me that there was a great video about it on YouTube and that it might be something I wanted to blog about... and yes... it is something I would like to blog about.

The Capgemini Oracle Fusion Experience (COFE) Lab offers advanced advisory and technology assistance to help organizations optimize current and future investments in Oracle Fusion Middleware.

The COFE Lab combines the industry experience and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) delivery capabilities of Capgemini, Oracle Corporation, and selected hardware network providers in one place. COFE Lab provides assistance to companies investing in Oracle Fusion Middleware technology. Organizations can access the full knowledge, experience and capabilities of COFE Lab to leverage existing application investments, improve business process efficiency, work smarter in everyday business transactions, adapt more quickly to market changes and competition, and plan effectively for innovative, flexible growth. For enterprises looking to expand their footprint across the globe with maximized Return On Investment (ROI), COFE Lab is the resource to tap.

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