Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Technology Previews

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Technology Previews are presented on the oracle website. You can take a peak at SOA suite, Webcenter, Toplink and Oracle containers for JEE. Also you will be able to view some demo's and download the new jDeveloper here.

There are online demo's for jDeveloper about which can be found here:

- Java Enterprise Edition 5.0 Application Development with Oracle JDeveloper
- Rich Client (Ajax) JSF Development in Oracle JDeveloper
- JPA Development in Oracle JDeveloper
- Updated SubVersion Support New
- Web Services Development in Oracle JDeveloper
- WSDL Editor New Features New
- JavaScript Development in Oracle JDeveloper
- Data Visualization and Graphs for JSF
- Geographical Maps and Pivot Table JSF Components New
- Developing Geographical Maps and Pivot Tables New
- The Gantt Chart Component New
- JSF Page Templating
- Oracle ADF Controller - Extending the JSF controller layer
- ADF Business Components - List Of Values
- ADF Business Components - LOV Driven UI

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