Monday, December 03, 2007

Receiving transaction status Pending

When receiving goods in Oracle Inventory INV the lines will be stored in the RCV_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE table so a concurrent process can act upon the data in the table and make the needed changes to for example the current availability. In some cases it might happen that the transaction status stays on “Pending” when the Processing Mode is “Immediate”.

In those cases you can “forward” those records by doing the following steps:

Update rcv_transactions_interface rti
set processing_mode_code ='BATCH' ,
processing_status_code = 'PENDING' ,
transaction_status_code = 'PENDING',
processing_request_id = NULL,
validation_flag = NULL
where rti.interface_transaction_id in (17583, 17584);

After you committed this update statement you have to run the “Receiving Transaction Processor” concurrent request. The reason for the lines to be stuck can be for example that rvctp was not invoked because the concurrent manager was down.

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