Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Crash during landing.

After some searching I finally found some pictures online of a unfortunate landing of my father in law. Here you can see 2 pictures of the landing and one a couple of hours after the landing. According to the story he told me the approach went without any problem, landing gear came out and gave all green however at the moment of touchdown one of the landing gears turned out to be not secured. One of the pins that should have secured the landing gear malfunctioned which resulted in the landing gear to be pushed back into the place.

As you can see on the pictures the result was that the plane tilted. Due to the fact they where able to reverse thrust of one of the engines and hard steering to one side the co-pilot and he where able to prevent the plane from performing a half turn at full speed on the runway.

The end results were some bruises and shocked passengers and a damaged plane. This all happened somewhere in march 1989 at the airport of Geneva.

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