Monday, August 07, 2006

Expat for a week.

This week I will be an expat. Currently I am located at the United Kingdom office of the company I work for, as they will go life with their new ERP system this week. This morning I woke up way to early to go to the airport and get a short flight from Schiphol airport to London. A quick taxi ride with some co workers and we are in business, open laptops, connect to the local network, open a VPN and ready to go…

This is the moment you learn to appreciate techniques like VPN. I already use it to connect from my home network to the office network but now I am using it cross country and I am able to share the same drives as my colleges, I am able to connect to all the servers in the datacenter and all in the same way as I would have done as I would be at my desk at the HQ.

So all is working out just fine, the only problem I have encountered so far is that the English are not a coffee drinking nation. I cannot live without coffee, I need it to keep me going true the day and now I am stuck in a office without a proper coffee machine. You can get hot water to make some tea and you can get instant coffee powder but it is not the real deal. For me this torture will only last for a week however there are several college’s who will have to spend the upcoming weeks at this location so the plan is there to get us a brand new, small, coffee machine to make our own coffee.

As I have from time to time some downtime moments, the moments the users are not reporting incidents; I will update this weblog true the day every time I have something to report.

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